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Urbana Rental Registration and Inspection Program

The City of Urbana requires all owners of rental properties located within the city limits of Urbana to register with the city and pay an annual registration fee. Fees generated from the program will pay for additional housing inspectors to enable the city to conduct systematic inspections of all rental properties once every 3 - 4 years.

Landlords can find more information about the requirements at the City of Urbana web site. Read Chapter 12.5-27 to 12.5-45 of the Urbana City Code for the ordinance creating the Rental Registration Program

If someone owns and collects rent from any residential property in Urbana, registration is required. This includes:

Landlords may pass along the fee to tenants only if the charge is stated in the lease and the landlord does not charge the tenants more than the actual cost the city charges the landlord.

As of October 2013, the ANNUAL cost for an apartment building will be $65 for the building, plus $16 per apartment. To register a house or any other single rental will be $55 per year. The fee for a duplex will be $70 per year unless the owner lives in one of the two units.

Some landlords have already started over-charging tenants. Here's a guide to how much your landlord can charge you if you live in an apartment building.


Urbana Rental Registration Fee

For a house, the rental registration fee is $55 per year. For a duplex, it's $70 per year.

For any building with 3 or more units the annual charge is $65 per building plus $16 per unit which breaks down as follows:

Number of Units in Building Annual Cost per Unit Monthly Cost per Unit
4 $32.25 $2.69
6 $26.83 $2.24
8 $24.13 $2.01
10 $22.50 $1.88
12 $21.42 $1.59
15 $20.33 $1.69
18 $19.61 $1.63
20 $19.25 $1.60
24 $18.71 $1.56
28 $18.32 $1.53
32 $18.03 $1.50

Some landlords have added to their leases a provision for the tenants to make one annual payment for rental registration fee, recycling tax and sewer taxes. The recycling tax in Urbana costs $2.50 per rental unit per month. That means $30 per year is the total cost for one house or for one apartment.

Sanitary and sewer taxes are not likely to be more than $9.00 or $10.00 per person per month.

Do the math. Ask the landlord to show you the bills from the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District. Add $30 for recycling tax and the amount of the registration fee from the chart above so you can compute whether you are being charged correctly.


The Tenant Union does not provide legal services of any kind. All information provided in this publication is intended to help the average person prevent problems and deal with common concerns of renting. When legal help is needed, always consult with an attorney at law.