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Security and Safety

If you live within the city limits of Champaign or Urbana, your landlord is responsible for certain security measures. City codes require landlords to provide:

The most important safety tip for security in your rental unit is to always lock your windows, even during hte day, whenever you are gone for any amount of time and always lock your doors, at any hour of the day, even when you are home.

Many home invasions involve the intruder entering through a window or door that was left unlocked. Many second-story windows and balcony doors are accessible from the outside.

Take note of any entry point for a potential intruder and treat it as though it were your front door.


Use this Checklist to asses the Safety of Your Home:

The SAFE HOMES ACT 765 ILCS 750 provides lease remedies for tenants who are victims of violence on the leased premises.

The Tenant Union does not provide legal services of any kind. All information provided in this publication is intended to help the average person prevent problems and deal with common concerns of renting. When legal help is needed, always consult with an attorney at law.