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Newcomers to the Champaign-Urbana area may be surprised by the serious parking problem we have in this community, especially near campus. Many apartment buildings do not have sufficient parking space for all occupants. On-street parking in the campus area is restricted to permit holders and at some locations is not allowed at all.

If you expect to have a specific place to park your car, be sure that your lease contains the promise in writing.

Lessor leases parking space #____________ to Lessee for the term of the lease at a cost of $_______ per month.


Lessor leases to Lessee parking space #__________ the cost for which is included in the apartment rent.

Even if you are renting a house and expect to park in the driveway, it's best to include something in the lease such as: Lessees and their guests may park in the driveway at no cost.

Examine the parking facilities before you sign a lease. Some underground lots have very steep ramps that might scrape the bottom of your car. In some lots, a space may be too small or in a bad location such as in front of the dumpster or next to a support pillar. Once you sign a lease, you cannot get out of it because of a parking problem, so check out the parking first.

Beware of any lease clause allowing the landlord to cancel your parking rights during the term or holding the landlord harmless for failure to provide parking.

Parking Rates:

$45 - $100 per month is the range of parking fees charged by most landlords for an off-street parking space in apartment buildings within 3/4 of a mile from the center of campus. The closer to the Quad, the higher your parking fee will be. In Champaign, near campus, you have to pay the City of Champaign for on-street parking and the 2010-2011 cost is approximately $650 year for a permit for a specific space. In Urbana, near campus, east of Lincoln Avenue and south of Green Street, on-street parking costs $135 per year for a permit to park on the street but you do not get a designated space. If you live on the first block east of Lincoln, you will probably have to park 2 blocks from your apartment if you buy a permit for on-street parking. West of Lincoln in Urbana, parking is prohibited on the street overnight on most streets. If you can find a space, near campus, north of Green Street and east of Lincoln Avenue, on-street parking is free. The farther away from campus one gets, the more likely parking both on-street and off-street will be available at no charge.

Parking on the University of Illinois Campus:

Students wishing to drive to campus during the day can pay 75 cents per hour for meter parking on the street -- if you can find an open space. Or, park in the student/staff commuter lot next to the Assembly Hall and ride the free shuttle to campus. The fee for a permit to park in the commuter lot (daytime only) is $127.00 per year. Call 217-333-3530 or visit the campus parking office at Goodwin & Springfield in Urbana for more information or to obtain a permit.

Overnight parking in one of two lots on the south side of campus (near the Assembly Hall in Champaign or south of Florida Avenue Residence Halls in Urbana) costs $480 per year.


The Tenant Union does not provide legal services of any kind. All information provided in this publication is intended to help the average person prevent problems and deal with common concerns of renting. When legal help is needed, always consult with an attorney at law.