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Exclusively for International Students

Top 5 Tips for International Students

  1. Avoid scams! Contact Off-Campus Community Living if you are unsure about anything! Scammers target students!
  2. Visit the Off-Campus Community Living website!
  3. Read the Quick Guide to Renting Apartments and browse the brochures!
  4. Schedule phone or Skype Lease Review with Off-Campus Community Living BEFORE signing the leasing contract!
  5. Ask for pictures or video of exact unit you will be renting!


  1. 谨防诈骗!如果你对任何疑似诈骗的信息有疑问,请联系Tenant Union!骗子专坑学生!
  2. 请访问Off-Campus Community Living的网站
  3. 请阅读租房快速指南(Quick Guide to Renting Apartments)!
  4. 在签订租赁合同之前,请与Off-Campus Community Living安排一次通过电话或Skype进行的租约审阅服务!
  5. 请向房东请求你计划租住的确切房屋的照片或视频!

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