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Complaint Histories for Area Landlords

Complaint histories can help you compare landlords and how they respond to tenant concerns before you sign a lease. All complaints collected by Off-Campus Community Living are about a landlord’s obligations under the law or according to the terms of the lease.

How to Utilize Complaint Records

If you are an Illinois student, you can log into Housing Explorer to view complaints of landlords within the last five years. If you are not an Illinois student, please contact the Champaign Urbana Tenant Union at (217) 352-6220. Complaints are organized by the landlord’s name, not building. When comparing landlords it is best to evaluate the nature of the complaint, the landlord’s response, the time period to resolution, and the nature of the resolution. and nature of the resolution rather than exclusively on the number of complaints.

How to File a Landlord Complaint

If you would like to file a complaint, please make an appointment by calling (217) 333-0112. It is always recommended to address the complaint with your landlord first. If your concerns are not addressed, you can file a complaint with Off-Campus Community Living to seek resolution. Please keep in mind that Off-Campus Community Living does not have any formal authority over landlords. The purpose of providing this complaint information to the public is to provide tenants with a method for communicating with each other from year to year about their rental housing problems and experiences.

Complaint Procedures

Once a complaint is received by Off-Campus Community Living, staff will send a copy to the landlord against whom the complaint is made. The landlord has 7 days to submit a written response. After 7 days the complaint and landlord response will be summarized for the public record. Off Campus Community Living will reach out to the student to determine if there was resolution to the complaint. A complaint cannot be withdrawn unless:

  • The tenant’s issue was resolved within 48 hours to the tenant’s satisfaction
  • The tenant requested the complaint removed
  • Off-Campus Community Living discovered the complaint was not a legal or lease obligation and/or the tenant provided misinformation to Off-Campus Community Living