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Off-Campus Community Living Complaint Procedures

The names of tenants who file complaints are not released to the public. Only the landlord will be told the name of a tenant who files a complaint against him or her.


Off-Campus Community Living maintains a policy of protecting the confidentiality of all contacts with tenants; however, this confidentiality is not protected by law. Unlike in an attorney-client or physician-patient relationship, a housing counselor can be called to testify in court about contacts with clients. For this reason, Off-Campus Community Living does not maintain files for any client contacts other than those that involve the filing of a written complaint which the tenant agrees to have sent to the landlord.

Most people who come to Off-Campus Community Living about problems ask for advice but do not file complaints. If you are having a problem, but do not wish to file a complaint against your landlord, you can be confident that your contact with us is confidential.


Off-Campus Community Living does not provide legal services of any kind. All information provided in this publication is intended to help the average person prevent problems and deal with common concerns of renting. When legal help is needed, always consult with an attorney at law.