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Complaint Histories for Area Landlords

Complaint histories will help you know which landlords are slow to fix a leaky roof, fail to fix broken air conditioning, blame you for a mold problem, or don't take seriously the threat to your safety of broken window locks or hallway lights that aren't working.

Among the largest companies are landlords who have no complaints. Several of the largest companies have fewer than 5 complaints in five years. Among all landlords, only 10 companies have more than 10 complaints in five years.

All complaints are about a landlord's obligations under the law or according to the terms of the lease. Tenant Union does not take complaints about noisy neighborhoods, roommate problems, amount of rent increases or other matters that are not about the landlord's failure to fulfill his or her legal obligations.

University of Illinois Current & Incoming Students:

To check landlord complaint records, visit the Tenant Union office in 326 Illini Union or complete the Request for Information Form.

How are complaint records organized?

Tenant Union's complaint record is organized by landlord name. Tenants file complaints about landlords, not buildings. Problems can arise anywhere. Complaints are about how the landlord handles problems when they arise. In most instances, no matter which building you live in, property maintenance and damage deposit refund are handled by the central office.

Because so many landlords have no complaints, the fact that a company is large does not justify a large number of complaints.

Ultimately, you will find that the NATURE of the complaint, the landlord's response (or failure to reply) and the time period and nature of resolution tell you more about the landlord than an evaluation based exclusively on numbers. All of this information is found in the complaint summaries.

Tenant Union Complaint Procedures:

When a complaint about a landlord is filed at the Tenant Union, a copy is first sent to the landlord who is asked to reply for the record. A valid complaint is one related to the landlord's obligations under the law or under the terms of the lease. Tenant Union staff work with the landlord and tenant to accomplish a resolution to the problem.

A summary of the tenant's complaint, the landlord's response (or failure to respond) and the resolution of the problem are included in the landlord's complaint summary. Any tenant requesting information about a landlord's complaint history will be provided with these summaries for the past five years.

How to use Tenant Union's landlord complaint records:

Using this resource is most helpful if you check landlords' complaint histories early in your search for housing, while you are still comparing choices. That way, you can see how different landlords' records compare, and you can factor in that information with price, location, amenities, and other considerations you will include in making your final decision.

Once you sign a lease, you cannot get out of it. You will owe the rent for the entire term -- regardless of the quality of the housing or the service provided by the landlord. Tenant Union complaint records are maintained so that prospective tenants can find out what problems past tenants have had with a landlord, before committing to a binding contract.

If you are not a University of Illinois student, please call 217-352-6220 to check complaint records.


The Tenant Union does not provide legal services of any kind. All information provided in this publication is intended to help the average person prevent problems and deal with common concerns of renting. When legal help is needed, always consult with an attorney at law.