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Apartment Hunting Checklist

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__ Doors have dead bolt locks?

__ Patio/balcony door lock? Have a security bar?

__ Does front door have a viewfinder (peephole)?

__ Exterior doors 1-3/8” metal or solid wood?

__ Does every bedroom have at least one window?

__ Windows open (stay open by themselves), close and lock?

__ Hallway & outdoor lighting sufficient?


__ Doors & windows fit securely in their frames?

__ Any broken windows?

__ All windows have screens? Any screens torn?

__ Any spots on ceiling or walls from water leaks?

__ Any evidence of mold on walls, floor or ceiling?

__ Any faucets leak? Pipes under sinks leak?

__ Does toilet flush properly?

__ Exhaust fans in bathroom and kitchen?

__ Any evidence of roaches?

__ Any light fixture covers broken or missing?

__ Covers on light switches & electrical outlets?

__ Electrical outlets grounded (3-prong outlets)?

__ Properly working smoke detector installed in each bedroom?

__ Properly working carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of bedroom?

__ If basement, any sign of seepage?


__ Are refrigerator and freezer large enough?

__ Is freezer self-defrosting?

__ Are all appliances in good working order?

__ Are blinds or curtains provided for windows?

__ Is furniture in good condition?

__ Will apartment needed to be painted?

__ Will carpet need to be replaced? Cleaned?

__ Enough light in each room? Need lamps?


__ Enough electrical outlets?

__ Internet/telephone jacks? Are they operable?

__ Hallways clean?

__ Adequate storage space (closets, cabinets)?

__ Will you have your own meter for every utility for which you must pay (gas, electric, water)?

__ Will you have your own heat control?

__ Sufficient hot water for showers? (ask current tenants)

__ Water pressure adequate (ask current tenants)?

__ Is the parking lot in good condition? Are any spaces too small or hard to maneuver because of a post or dumpster?

__ Is the ramp to an underground lot too steep?

__ Do you remember the apartment number so that when you sign the lease, you will be sure that you will be signing for the exact same apartment that you saw?


Off-Campus Community Living does not provide legal services of any kind. All information provided in this publication is intended to help the average person prevent problems and deal with common concerns of renting. When legal help is needed, always consult with an attorney at law.